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You can include your spouse, children, and parents as well as apply the citizenship and obtain a passport for them. No language exam required, no need to stay in Montenegro.

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In compliance to join the European Union, Montenegro is changing its domestic laws, trade policies, freedom of work and residency rights, and it has been announced on the EU website. Montenegro is expected to enter EU in 2025.

Citizenship and dual nationalities

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program is open until 2021 and only accepts 2,000 applications. There is no need to renounce the current citizenship that the applicants. Future family members are also eligible to have citizenship right of Montenegro.

Us E2-Visa treaty

Montenegro is one of the countries have the access to United States by E2 visa tready. Montenegrin citizens can invest in the United States through this path and obtain visas, including spouses and children to immigrate to the United States and live.


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EU passport
Appointed legal advisor to the Consulate of Montenegro and the Embassy of Montenegro, VARDIKOS & VARDIKOS is an international law firm with branches and affiliated companies around the world. Its lawyer service business has spanned five generations of families, and its extensive domestic and international clients throughout Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia. VARDIKOS & VARDIKOS also handles golden visas, economic and financial independent visas (FIP), business representative office visas and residence permits for non-tax residents on behalf of foreign clients.
Through the official channel of Montenegro citizenship by investment, we submit the application directly and get approval without passing through other agents or intermediary companies.
Success Rate 97%
In the 1990s, Vardikos & Vardikos began to assist overseas families to move to Europe, the United Kingdom, or the United States, reorganize assets to avoid high tax jurisdictions. In addition, they also assist customers to purchase real estate in Europe, act as independent lawyers to provide legal advice, and operate asset compliance Change.
Exceptional experience 100%
Honorable Mr. Christos Vardikos has been invited to participate in the Global Immigration Summits in China and Singapore for a period of seasons. He has leaded the firm to accumulate well service to the end client. Vardikos & Vardikos also have good business relationship in Singapore, India, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and has more than five years of experience in implementing Chinese style services.
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